Slip & Fall Accidents

Our office has handled many fall down accident claims. We have seen clients seriously injured by ice and snow, slippery material on floors, stairs with defective treads and handrails, uneven concrete or slate sidewalks, defective carpets and mats, and objects placed unsafely in people’s paths.

Anyone who has a slip-and-fall accident should try to do these things:

1.    Obtain immediate medical assistance, only with a prompt visit to a doctor or Emergency room will your injuries be documented and assessed.

2.    Secure the names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses who saw the fall.

3.    Gather any evidence related to the fall, such as a squashed piece of fruit, photograph the area where the fall occurred, photograph the ice or snow, the uneven step and save your shoes worn at the time. Photograph any bruising or cuts you may have suffered from the fall.

4.    Contact an experienced Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney who will know how to investigate and prepare any claim which you may have.

5.    Do not delay in getting legal assistance – many towns have deadlines for filing a claim and giving notice of your accident. Once the time passes – you will not be able to pursue your claim. The notices are very specific and must contain the correct information. If they are not filed properly the claim will be lost. An experienced attorney can ensure that the claim is properly preserved.

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